Measured Tones prides itself on providing Quranic courses and workshops to everyone willing to learn. We do not turn anyone away due to financial reasons, thus providing the resource to individuals or families who otherwise would not be able to afford any paid service.

Abdul-Azeez Ibn Willie Hagood Scholarship Fund

To help achieve and maintain this intention, we have established the Abdul-Azeez Ibn Willie Hagood Scholarship Fund.

Abdul Azeez Hagood was born January 12, 1949 in Garden City, an area outside of Savannah, Georgia.

From a young age, it was apparent that scholarship was important to him. He excelled in grade school and graduated high school early. The youngest of four, he was often lovingly chided for being bookish.

Abdul-Azeez married and relocated to Atlanta, GA. There he co-founded a trailblazing K-8 school, Atlanta Progress Academy (APA) with his wife Jaliwa Owuo-Hagood. Later they opened the celebrated community restaurant, Marie’s @ Ummat cafe.

Throughout his life, Abdul-Azeez lent his service, energy, and wisdom in various arenas. From his time fighting for civil rights with the All African People Revolutionary Party, to his service as co-administrator at APA, to his time as co-manager at Marie’s Cafe, he infused every interaction with his trademark generosity. He would often implore his children and grandchildren to prioritize giving. And he modeled it, routinely giving from his money, his time, and his expertise.

Right up until his passing, Abdul-Azeez modeled being the change that you want to see. He worked tirelessly on voting rights and efforts to get out the vote. He gave of himself until the very end and his is a legacy of seeking knowledge and generosity.

This scholarship fund allows us to support students who are not in the current financial state to pay for a class.
Your contribution can help:

All scholarship applicants are subject to an interview and assessment to ensure student commitment and placement into class.

Contribute now to earn your sadaqa jariya (continuous charity). Every letter recited by the one who learns because of your contribution will weigh heavily on your scales bi ithnillah!

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